Our Story

Prue Connelly Skincare offers a unique line of nourishing, natural products that are hand-crafted to help women create their own sacred skincare ritual — one that is as soothing and nurturing to the soul as it is to the complexion.

We believe that skincare should not be exclusive.  Prue Connelly Skincare is built on the dream of providing high quality, luxury skincare in a range that is accessible to all women and perfectly suited to every individual’s time, budget, and needs. 

Incorporating a range of products such as cleansing oils, treatment essences, eye roller serums, and face creams, Prue Connelly Skincare is a holistic line that brings the lavishness and tranquility of a spa visit into the home.

 Through this ritual, our line is designed to grant every woman the gift of confidence and a beautiful complexion — empowering you to make yourself a priority, by honouring the practice of self care and your own innate, effortless beauty.

Originally developed as an offering for women suffering with cancer, the calming ritual that Prue Connelly Skincare provides is essential in healing not only the skin, but the spirit.

With wholesome, natural ingredients, our products are gentle enough to be used during times of hardship, and powerful enough to combat the damage incurred by harsh treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.  Prue Connelly Skincare nurtures even the most damaged skin and promotes healing on a cellular level.

As a result, our products encourage women — no matter what they may be facing — to see such challenges as a time to focus on self care; loving and nurturing oneself from the inside out.

With this emphasis on healing comes a host of powerful properties that benefit every skin concern.  While we firmly believe that “ageing is a privilege,” our products empower our clients to mature on their own terms, with anti-ageing compounds that allow women to gain beauty as they also gain wisdom and years.

Likewise, our products are also suitable for children, providing a powerful opportunity to teach the value of self care and the importance of healthy routines at a young age.